David Zoschnick


Photo by Matt Dine


Festival Napa Valley, 2023; Brevard Music Festival, 2021

What is your earliest memory of classical music?

When I was kid and we’d be on long car rides, my dad had this cassette tape of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf narrated by David Bowie, and I remember just being enthralled by all the different sounds of the various instruments, and hearing what animals they represented. The duck was my favorite, of course!

Was there a teacher who was particularly impactful/helpful? What made this instructor stand out?

I owe so much to my teachers Linda Strommen and Elaine Douvas. Their musicality and attention to detail inspire me everyday.

How did you hear about TŌN? What inspired you to apply?

I first heard about TŌN when I moved to New York City for my Master’s, and I saw TŌN perform at Jazz at Lincoln Center. I was impressed with the orchestra’s sound, how tight and cohesive the group played with each other, and it seemed like a logical step to apply.

What is the most memorable performance you ever had?

In March of 2020 I was playing in the Bloomington Chamber Opera’s production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and things were beginning to shut down because of the pandemic. There was so much uncertainty and confusion at the time, but fortunately our final show was not cancelled. The Magic Flute has always been one of my all-time favorite operas, and something about being able to perform it as the world was shutting down, with many good friends and colleagues that I would not get to play with again, made the experience very special for me.

Tell us about a time you almost gave up but didn’t.

Every time I make a reed it is a test of perseverance!

Do you have a favorite non-classical musician or band?

I’m a big fan of Miss Dolly Parton!

What do you wish you knew starting out that you know now?

How much time I would spend making reeds!