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The TŌN Fund Donors

The Orchestra Now gratefully acknowledges the generosity of each and every donor who makes our work possible.

Ticket sales cover less than a quarter of the expenses for our concerts and educational initiatives. For detailed information on contributing to TŌN, or to update your listing, please contact Nicole M. de Jesús at [email protected] or 845.758.7988. Thank you for making this important investment in the future of classical music!

Photo by Matt Dine


Estate of Clyde Talmadge Gatlin
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Felicitas S. Thorne


Made possible by The Mai Family Foundation


Joseph Baxer and Barbara Bacewicz
Ingrid McHugh, in memory of Paul E. McHugh
Michael Dorf Presents
Michael L. Privitera
Emily Sachar


Anonymous, in memory of Stuart Stritzler-Levine


Alexandra Ottaway


Helen V. Atlas
Charles Doran and Carissa Escober Doran
Gary Giardina
Steven Holl
Laurie S. Lauterbach
Robert Lonergan
The Merrill G. and Emita E. Hastings Foundation
Christine T. Munson
James and Andrea Nelkin
Jennifer Shykula ’96 and Thomas Ochs
Richard D. Sime
Thom and Valerie Styron, in honor of Jarrod Briley TŌN ’22
Vivian Sukenik
David W. Welles


Anonymous (3)
Anne-Katrin Spiess Philanthropic Fund at the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Atkins
Geri Brodsky
Marc and Margaret Cohen, in honor of Colby Bond TŌN ‘25
Curtis DeVito and Dennis Wedlick
Vincent M. Dicks
Jan M. Guifarro
Michael J. Hall
Kassell Family Foundation of the Jewish Communal Fund
Laurie and Michael Pollock Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Tyler J. Lory and Michael Rauschenberg*
Barry Nalebuff and Helen Kauder
Maury Newburger Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Janet Schoor
Lynda Schwab-Edmundson
Dan Schwartzman and Julie Nives, in memory of Irwin W. Schwartzman
The Stanley & Ethel Glen Family Foundation
Alice Stroup, in memory of Timothy Stroup


Nicole M. de Jesús ‘94 and Brian P. Walker
Arnold* and Milly Feinsilber
Brian J. Heck
Elena and Frederic Howard
Scott Huang
George Jahn and Karen Kaczmar
Erica Kiesewetter
Bernard and Lisa S. King-Smith
Susan and Peter LeVangia
Janet C. Mills
Paul Oakley
Bruce and Blanche Rubin
Arlene and Gil Seligman
Jan and Jim Smyth
Judith Thoyer
Gene Vidal


Naja R. Armstrong
Marvin Bielawski
James Blakney and Kelly A. Preyer
Diane and Ronald Blum
Dora Jeanette Canaday
Sara Cashen and Tony Muoser
Mark Churchill, in honor of Emma Churchill TŌN ‘24
Joan Cohen
Richard and Hildegard ’78 Edling
Peter and Charlene Gay
Howard and Caroline Goodman, in honor of Lucas Goodman TŌN ’23
Lee Haring
William J. Harper
Stan Harrison
Stephen J. Hoffman
Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations
Judith and Ron Goodman Charitable Trust of Fidelity
​​Sherry and Tom Knowles
Miodrag Kukrika
Seth Lachterman
Deborah Hoffman Lanser
Drs. Nancy S. Leonard and Lawrence Kramer
David L. Lewis
Erika Lieber
Nancy Lupton
Phyllis Marsteller
Warren R. Mikulka
Thomas C. Morrison
Stan and Bette Nitzky
Inez and Robert Parker, in honor of David Kidd TŌN ‘22
Edith K. Payne
Lisa and Albrecht Pichler
Cathy and Fred Reinis
Ann and Thomas Robb, in honor of Dillon Robb TŌN ‘21
Brigitte R. Roepke
Susan Seidel
Frances Sharpless
Frances Smyth
Georg Striedter
Joseph M. Sweeney
Fulvia Masi, in memory of William R. Tanksley
Daniel Turk
Dana L. Vanderheyden
Howard N. Wallick
Ann and Douglas William
Drs. Julie and Sandy Zito


Anonymous (2)
Norman Abrams
Frederick Allen and Erica De Mane
Philip Ardell
Jeffrey Berns
Stephanie Beroes
Marge and Ed Blaine
Kent Brown and Nat Thomas
Herbert and Sharon W. Burklund
Lydia Chapin
Joanne Chu
Thomas De Stefano
Priscilla Duskin
Janet and Robert Feldman
Renate L. Friedrichsen
Teresa Genin
Helena and Christopher H. Gibbs
Carol and Peter Goss
Gwen H. Gould and Ed Grossman
Tamara Judith Gruzko
Karen and Perry Hoag, in honor of Katelyn Hoag TŌN ’21 and Bram Margoles TŌN ‘21
Malcolm G. Idelson
Laura Johnson and Paul F. Salerni
Steven Jonas, M.D.
Bob and Vickie Kampf
Arthur S. Leonard
Edward W. Leavitt
Catherine and Jacques Luiggi
Willa Lewis and Edward Moulin
Eugene Lowenkopf
Nina Lynch
Karen Manchester
Virginia M. and Guenther W. May
Jane Meisel
David Mellins
Martin and Lucy Murray
Gary Morgan
Ken and Lindsay Morgan
Andrew Penkalo
Shirley Perle
Carole A. Pickering
Denise T. Pitcher
Bobbie Post
Nora Post
Richard Rizzo and Enid Ain
Edward Sandfort*
Bonnie S. Sgarro
Thomas Shykula
Shari J. Siegel
Peter Sipperley
Theodore J. Smith
William Solis
Susan Stempleski
Elizabeth Strianese
Phyllis Tuchman
George Wachtel
George R. Walter
Michael and Leslie Weinstock
Elizabeth Willis, in memory of Elliot Magaziner
Jo Winograd
Lynda Youmans, in honor of Drew Youmans TŌN ‘19


Anonymous (2)
Leslie and Louis Baker
Laurence Blau and Karen Johnsen
Donald Bourque
Marie-Louise Brauch
Renée Burgevin
Harriet Bussel
Carole L. and Vincent Cappadocia
Harriet D. Causbie
Marsha S. Clark
James Costello
Walter Czajka
Dena Fisher
Nancy Hereford
Brenda Klein
Barbara Komansky
Marilyn Lebowitz
Martha V. Lyon
Sandra Novick
Kathleen G. Overbay
Michael P. Pillot
Eileen Quinlan
Robert Renbeck
Joan W. Roth
Barbara Shrager
Diane J. Scrima
Anna Shuster
Jenny Snider
Judith Winzemer


This list represents gifts made to The Orchestra Now from July 1, 2021 to May 15, 2023.

Thank you for your partnership!