Concert Performances

Adolf von Henselt’s Piano Concerto

Pianist Evren Ozel and The Orchestra Now (TŌN), conducted by Leon Botstein, perform Adolf von Henselt‘s Piano Concerto in a livestreamed concert from the Fisher Center at Bard on Feb 11, 2023.

0:45 Allegro (fast)
16:16 Larghetto (fairly slow)
24:58 Allegro agitato (fast and hurried)

Adolf von Henselt
Born: 5/12/1814 in Schwabach, Germany
Died: 10/10/1889 at age 75 in Warmbrunn, Germany (now Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój, Poland)

Written: mid 1840s, in Henselt’s early 30s
Premiered: 1844; Clara Schumann, piano

Read concert notes by TŌN keyboard player Ji Hea Hwang.