Concert Performances

Hindemith’s Concert Music for Piano, Brass, and Harps

The Orchestra Now (TŌN), conducted by Leon Botstein, performs Hindemith‘s Concert Music for Piano, Brass, and Harps at The Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College on November 14, 2020.

Blair McMillen, piano

0:23 Ruhig gehende Viertel (peaceful, moderately slow)
5:30 Lebhaft (lively & quick)
11:44 Sehr ruhig. Variationen (very peaceful)
18:02 Mäßig schnell, kraftvoll (moderately fast, powerful)

Paul Hindemith
Born: 11/16/1895 in Hanau, Germany
Died: 12/28/1963 at age 68 in Frankfurt, Germany

Written: 1930, at age 35
Premiered: 12/10/1930 at Orchestra Hall in Chicago; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Emma Lübbecke-Job, piano; Hugo Kortschak, conductor

Concert notes by TŌN tuba player Jarrod Briley.