The Sound of Spring: A Chinese New Year Concert


Jindong Cai conductor
Song Feihong Peking opera singer
Guo Yazhi guanzi, suona
Ju Xiaofu piano
Zhou Yi pipa
Jose Rubio baritone
Esther Maureen Kelly soprano

Presented by the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music

Pre-Concert talk with Jindong Cai at 7 PM

The third annual Chinese New Year concert, The Sound of Spring, presented by the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music, is a celebration of one of the most important holidays in the Lunar calendar—a time for enjoying friends and family and looking ahead to the bright future of a new year. This is a truly authentic Chinese New Year concert with a program of Chinese music performed by The Orchestra Now, joined by a select group of top vocal and instrumental artists, and showcasing the wonderful diversity and artistry of Chinese symphonic music.


Li Huanzhi Spring Festival Overture
Yang Nailin Ode to Pear Blossoms
Zhou Chenglong Boat Tracker along the Yellow River
Xian Xinghai Yellow River piano concerto
Zhao Cong Apsaras of the Silk Road
Ren Tongxiang Hundreds of Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix
Song Feihong Ode to the West Lake
Wang Liping Ocean, My Hometown
Ma Ke Duets from White Haired Girl
Weng Chinghsi The Moon Represents my Heart
Jiangsu Folksong/Giacomo Puccini From Jasmine to Turandot

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