The Sound of Spring

Program & Artists

Li Huanzhi 李焕之 Spring Festival Overture 《春节序曲》
Liu Wenjin 刘文金 The Indomitable Spirits of the Snow Mountain for Erhu and Orchestra 《雪山魂塑》二胡与乐队
He Zhanhao 何占豪 and Chen Gang 陈钢 Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto 《梁山伯與祝英台小提琴协奏曲》
Li Minxiong 李民雄 Prancing Dragons and Jumping Tigers for Percussion and Orchestra 《龙腾虎跃》打击乐与乐队
Zhou Long 周龙 King Chu Doffs His Armor Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra 《霸王卸甲》琵琶与乐队
Guo Wenjing 郭文景 Riding on the Wind, Op. 27 《御风万里》(作品第27号)

Jindong Cai conductor
Beitong Liu erhu
Na Sun violin
Petra Elek TŌN ’24 percussion
Gao Hong pipa



Presented by the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with The Orchestra Now, conducted by Jindong Cai. Now in its fourth year, The Sound of Spring is an authentic Chinese New Year concert specially selected for the people of New York, with a program featuring the beloved Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto, along with other festive works to welcome in the year of the Rabbit.

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